A Waterfall Without A Pond

Imagine a car without wheels, Crazy! A book without words, Insane! Or a waterfall without a pond, Fantasy..........Or is it?

Most enjoy the sound of falling water, the sound of water flowing over rocks, that intoxicating sound of a mountain brook. Many would love to have that incorporated into their landscape, but they do not want or are afraid of the upkeep of a water garden. There is a way to have the sound and sight of a waterfall without the water garden. Its called a Pondless Waterfall.

A pondless waterfall is just that, a waterfall without the pond. It's a waterfall that disappears into a gravel bed, only to be recirculated back up to the waterfall. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, both visually and audibly, but it also solves a few potential problems that can come with a water garden.

A pondless waterfall still makes all the natural music that a water garden does. It still has all the aesthetic appeal that a water garden does. It still attracts all the birds that a water garden does. It is what it doesn’t do that is so wonderful.

First of all, a pondless waterfall does not have a filter to clean! Yes, less maintenance with all of the benefits. Without an open body of water exposed to the sun, there is no green water to deal with. There is no need to have a mechanical filter or a biological filter or even an ultraviolet sterilizer.

Second, there are no plants to fertilize or prune. No pond means no water lilies, lotus or bog plants. No pruning, no repotting and no fertilizing.

Third is no fish. No fish to feed, no fish to produce waste which can cause green water and no fish to potentially tear up your plants.

Fourth is very little maintenance. A pondless waterfall does not need the same amount of cleaning that a water garden does, does not need the addition of beneficial bacteria for the biological filter, no need to adjust pH for plants and fish and no need to dechlorinate the water.

Lastly, there is no liability of drowning. Many families want a water feature but have small children and pets. A pondless waterfall does not have an open basin of water that children and pets could fall into. If built properly, children can actually play in the waterfall with no fear of falling in.

A pondless waterfall is constructed very much like a traditional water garden, but the “pond” has a product called reservoir cubes installed. These fill the void and are then covered by a 2” layer of decorative gravel. These reservoir cubes are a matrix that takes up space without taking up water volume. With the addition of a fill valve, there are no

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