Bursting Into Spring

As the cold temperatures of winter slowly fade away and the spring sun warms the water, we begin to see signs of life. As the water temperature rises and the daylight gets longer, plants that have been dormant begin to come to life.

From the brown, frost-killed leaves of fall poke new green shoots. These first signs of life are quickly followed by an explosion of growth. This annual transformation changes the whole complexion of the water garden.

The first things to grow are the irises and the rushes. The bright green foliage will soon be adorned with beautiful flowers in shades of pink, purple and yellow. Next will be the water lilies. Floating among the lily pads are 4”-5” blooms in white, yellow, pink and red. The tropical water lilies burst into bloom with flowers of blue, purple and pink standing above the pads.

Next to plants to show their colors are the lotus. These majestic plants with their 18” round leaves and 12” flowers make a bold statement in the water garden. These plants bring a structural presence to the water garden. During the heat of summer, the cattails and rushes take over and stand tall.

Aquatic plants are not only beautiful but they are also a functional part of the aquatic ecosystem. They create shade to protect the fish from the sun; they consume excess nutrients to help control algae growth; and they supply a habitat for native wildlife such as frogs and dragonflies.

So as spring unfolds, sit back and enjoy all that the water garden has to offer. While watching the plants grow and bloom, the frogs resting on the lily pads, the dragonflies darting just above the water and the waterfall playing its tune, allow the stresses of life to drain from your body and enjoy the things God has created.

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