Fall Water Gardens

As the days grow short and the air becomes crisp, signs of Fall are on the way. The trees transform into a brilliant rainbow, and the grasses become tan, but that doesn’t mean your water garden enjoyment is over. Another dimension of your water feature is about to unfold.

As the shorter days and cooler temperatures descend, the enjoyment continues. Over the summer, the water garden was full of lush plants, active fish and frogs; however, now the plants are going to sleep for the impending winter; the fish are eating more than ever to bulk up for their winter slumber, and the frogs are finding their cozy spot until spring. Once the water temperature drops, the fish will begin to eat less and less and will also become much less active signaling that winter is just around the corner.

With the mild temperatures in Moore County during early winter, a water garden is a year-round feature of the landscape. As the water lilies rest, the fish huddle at the bottom, and the frogs hibernate, the waterfall still calls out for enjoyment.

As the aquatic life slows, now is the perfect time to prune back the aquatic plants in the pond as well as the surrounding plants. Repot any root bound or overgrown water lilies, add new mulch around the water garden to prevent winter weeds, and check that all the underwater lights are in working order.

As freezing temperatures set in, the waterfall will transform into a beautiful one-of-a-kind ice sculpture. The waterfall running will prevent the pond from freezing over, so keep it going and enjoy.

In late winter, we will begin to experience a few mild days here and there. On these mild days, the fish will start to become active but do not be lured into feeding them quite yet. The temperatures will get cold again, and feeding the fish in winter can be harmful to their health. It is best to wait until spring arrives, and you will know it’s time when the aquatic plants begin to grow. Once you see the plants emerge above the water surface, you can start feeding both the fish and the plants.

In no time, spring will burst forth, and winter will be behind us. As a new year of life and beauty bloom, enjoy the warm sun, cool breezes, and visits around your water garden.

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