Growing Moore At Star Ridge

As a plant and landscape guy, I love living in Moore County which offers a diverse pallet of plants and landscaping opportunities. With a soil type that lends to easy modification for different plant requirements and a near perfect precipitation rate around one inch per week average, Moore County enjoys relatively mild winter temperatures and an abundance of sun.

As a water garden guy, I love this area because of the relative ease of digging and the minimal subterranean obstructions (those would be rocks). And as a water garden guy, I can grow a great selection of aquatic plants including almost all of the hardy water lilies, even the ones that hate the heat. The beautiful exotic day blooming and night blooming tropical water lilies along with the lotus with its large leaves and timeless flowers thrive in our long summer days.

When it comes to shallow water plants, the pallet of plant selection is large and diverse. From large and tropical to the petite and tough, we can grow them all.

In addition to growing water garden plants, we in Moore County can grow a HUGE variety of terrestrial plants and plant types. Most locals incorporate azaleas, camellias,, and junipers into their landscape which grow really well here, but did you know that bananas, taros and palm trees also grow well too? Other plants like the desert plants such as agave, cactus, and yucca thrive in our sandy soil and mild winter temperatures.

Many types of cold hardy palm trees grow well in Moore County—Windmill, Cabbage and Needle are just a few of the varieties available. By adding any of these varieties, one can add a tropical flair to their landscaping. Many locals are surprised to see that we have been growing these varieties of hardy palms in Carthage at Star Ridge Aquatics for over 25 years. Add to these palms any of the winter hardy bananas inter-planted with large, colorful taros, gingers and calla lilies and a tropical oasis will begin to take shape and thrive in our summer heat and humidity with the addition of plenty of water.

On the other side of the spectrum, a desert southwest garden is easily achievable with a little bit of prep work. The selection of plant types, forms and colors that will grow here is quite diverse. We can grow many types of agave, yucca, and cactus, from barrel to cluster and pad, which can make a beautiful display.

One last unique group of plants that do quite well but are not well known are the carnivorous (insect eating) plants. Many new hybrid varieties of pitcher plants boast beautiful colors and forms. All that is needed is a sunny spot and plenty of water for them to thrive. Add a few of the other carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap or the Sundew to complete a unique insect-eating mini-garden.

As lucky residents of Moore County, we are not locked into traditional landscape plants, but rather we are privileged to be able to step outside the box and plant something truly exotic. Come visit Star Ridge to grow more into your landscape.

Joe Granato is the owner of Star Ridge Aquatics, a full-service Water Garden Supply Center. They specialize in all things Water Gardening but also grow a wide selection of exotic, cold hardy tropicals, cold hardy desert succulents, and cold hardy carnivorous plants. Stop in or call to discuss your options in water gardening and exotic plants. Phone 910-947-5333

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