The Gift that Lasts All Year

So it’s the age old question at holiday time, what do you give the person who has everything? Well, I suggest a gift that is appreciated all year long, appreciated by many including the wildlife. I suggest a water feature.
A water feature can consist of a water garden, a koi pond, a pondless waterfall, or a fountain. All will bring years of joy with the beauty of the rock work and landscaping, the intoxicating sound of the moving water, the relaxing movement of the calm, swimming fish and the excitement of the birds who will come to drink and bathe.
All year long, through every season, the water feature is attractive and alive. In spring, nature wakes as the frogs begin to sing, the fish awaken from their winter slumber, and the plants begin to emerge. As temperatures rise and the day light gets longer, the water lilies and lotus begin to bloom. The waterfall attracts birds and butterflies, and the sound brings relaxation.
When the heat of summer arrives, the water feature provides critical hydration to the wildlife and offers a refreshing bath to the birds. The cooling effects of the sound of water are appreciated during these hot times as well.
As the days shorten, the leaves change color and the temperatures begin to cool, the water feature transforms once again. Plants begin to go dormant, the fish become more active with the cooler water, and the birds stop by to drink up for their migration.
Once winter arrives, the plants are sleeping and the fish are hibernating, but the water feature is still going. The waterfall runs to announce, “I am still here!” The winter birds appreciate the bathing spot to stop and drink. As temperatures dip below freezing, the waterfall becomes a beautiful, living, moving and changing ice sculpture. It is a beautiful sight, especially at night when uplighted by the underwater lights.
So as you can see, a gift of a water feature can and will bring joy to many more than just the one to whom you give it. A water feature is truly the gift that lasts the whole year.

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