What About A Bog?

Have you ever thought about a bog garden? Do you have that area in the landscape that never seems to dry out? That area that has standing water for a few days after a rain? The spot too wet to grow anything? That is called a BOG.

A bog is an area that stays WET most of the year. This area is not conducive for growing most of our available garden plants. Don’t let that stop you; there are many very cool and beautiful bog plants available.

Did you know that Venus Fly Traps are a bog plant? And did you know that they are native to North Carolina? A bonus is they are a member of a group of plants called Carnivorous plants. These plants grow in areas where many other plants cannot. Growing in places where the soil is very poor and devoid of nutrients, these plants have adapted to gather their food in a very different way. THEY EAT BUGS! Lots of them. The Venus Fly Trap has a hinged leaf that snaps shut whenever an insect walks across it. Once the leaf is shut, enzymes slowly digest the soft parts of the prey and absorb them as a fertilizer source.

We also have another insect-eating plant native to North Carolina called a Sundew. These beautiful little plants have flat leaves covered in tiny droplets of very sticky nectar. As the insect lands on the droplets, it is trapped in the sticky nectar. Once the insect is trapped, the flat leaf slowly wraps around the prey and enzymes digest it.

The group of carnivorous plants that I feel are the most beautiful are the Pitcher Plants which are winter hardy in almost all parts of North Carolina. Many new hybrid cultivars have become available in the last few years, mostly grown from tissue culture. Available in colors from yellow to pink, from red to green and even white, pitcher plant varieties range in height from the Purple Pitcher at 4” tall to the white-topped Tarnok at 30” tall.

So let’s decide to beautify that wet area of the landscape rather than try to drain it. Try some carnivorous plants and see how interesting and attractive a bog can be while controlling insects naturally.

Joe Granato is the owner of Star Ridge Aquatics, LLC in Carthage, NC. Star Ridge Aquatics, LLC is a grower of aquatic plants including carnivorous plants. They offer installation services for both water gardens and bog gardens. Contact them by phone at 910-947-5333 or by email at starridgeaquatics@embarqmail.com.

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