Medium Vertical Marginal Plants
Medium Vertical Marginal Plants
Medium Vertical Marginal Plants

Medium Vertical Marginal Plants

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Medium Vertical Marginal Plants are aquatic plants that grow in shallow water and reach a height between 20" and 48" tall. Some produce beautiful flowers and some are only foliage.

Aztec Arrowhead (Sagittaria montevedensis) is a bold looking Arrowhead. It has thick, green stems with large arrowhead shaped leaves. Its flowers are three petal white with a burgundy spot in the middle of each petal. This variety grows to 20". Zone 7-11

Black Magic Taro (Colocasia 'Black Magic') is a medium Taro with deep purple leaves and stems. The leaves are so dark the almost look like velvet. Zone 7-11

Black Princess Taro (Colocasia 'Black Princess') is a small-medium Taro with green stems and green leaves with deep purple blotches. A stunning contrast. Zone 7-11

Blue Pickerel Rush (Pontedaria cordata) is a medium growing plant with heart shaped leaves and blue spires of flowers all summer long. Zone 3-11

Bog Lily (Crinum americanum) has long strap-like leaves with white flower clusters. Flowers are fragrant. Zone 7-11

Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus haspans) has triangular stems topped with tufts of green foliage. Grows to a height of 30". Zone 9-11

Dwarf Umbrella Palm (Cyperus alterifolius 'Nana') is a shorter version of the standard Umbrella Palm. This selection has smaller heads on shorter stems. Grows to 36" Zone 7-11

Graceful Cattail (Typha laxmanni) is a smaller version of the typical cattail. Graceful Cattail has leaves that are 1/4" wide and grows to 36" tall. It is topped with 1/2" round by 3" long catkins in late summer. Zone 3-11

Lizard Tail (Saururus cernuus) is a native to the southern US and has dark green heart shaped foliage topped with creamy pendulant flower spires. Grows to 30" tall. Zone 4-10

Pink Pickerel Rush (Pontedaria cordata 'Pink') is a pink flowering form of the native Blue Pickerel Rush. Zone 5-11

Striped Rush (Baumea rubiginosa) is one of the few evergreen aquatic plants. It has very stiff upright foliage in green with a vertical yellow stripe. Zone 6-11

Pretoria Variegated Canna (Canna americanalis 'Pretoria') is a strong growing Canna with green and yellow striped foliage topped with deep orange flowers. Zone 7-11

Stripe Beauty Variegated Canna (Canna variety 'Striped Beauty') has green and white striped leaves topped with yellow flowers. Zone 7-11

Variegated Manna Grass (Glyceria spectabilis variegata) is a true aquatic grass. It has vertical white stripes on blue-green foliage and grows to 20" tall. Zone 6-10

Variegated Sweetflag (Acorus calamus variegata) is a green and white variegated form of the standard. Grows to 30" tall. Zone 6-10

White Pickerel Rush (Pontedaria cordata variety) is the white flowering form of the standard Blue Pickerel Rush. Zone 3-11