Moisture Loving Plants

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Moisture loving plants could also be called Bog plants. These plants like wet soil but do not want to be submerged. These are great planted in floating islands, is peat moss filled bog areas of the water garden or even in those perpetually wet areas of the landscape. Some have beautiful flowers and others are grown for their attractive foliage.

Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium) has blue-green grass like foliage topped with violet-blue flowers. Blue Eyed Grass is not a grass at all but a member of the iris family. Zone 7-10

Blue Moneywort (Lindernia grandiflora) is a creeping plant that rarely gets taller than 4". It has small round green leaves and is covered with blue flowers all summer and fall. Zone 7-11

Blue Sedge (Carex flacca) has a beautiful silver blue foliage all season and even keeps that great color through the heat of summer. Evergreen to 6 degrees but will still come back from the roots. Zone 5-10

Blue Rush (Juncus glauca) is a upright rush to 20" tall that maintains a great blue color. Evergreen to 15 degrees but quite root hardy. Zone 6-10

Creeping Jenny (lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') is a very low creeping plant with a bright yellow foliage. It does produce yellow flowers but they blend in to the yellow leaves. Creeping Jenny requires some shade in very hot locations. Zone 3-9

Corkscrew Rush (Juncus effusus 'Spiralis') has curly foliage with a blue-green color. This rush grows to 24" tall and maintains that great color year round. Evergreen to 12 degrees. Zone 6-10

Dwarf Golden Sweetflag (Acorus gramineus 'Ogon') is a short grass like plant with green and yellow striped leaves. Insignificant flowers hidden down in the foliage. Evergreen. Sweet aroma when crushed or cut. Zone 4-11

Fiber Optics Rush (Scirpus cernuus) is and annual rush with very fine foliage. Each stem s topped with a tiny tan ball. Very graceful with its arching stems. Grows to 12" tall. Zone 10-11

Japanese Iris (Iris ensata) is a late blooming Iris with thin foliage and an assortment of flower colors ranging from white to dark purple. Very cold hardy and a reliable bloomer. Zone 5-11

Pink Variegated Ribbon Grass (Phalaris aurundonacea) has variegated foliage that starts out pink and white and finishes to green and white. The grass is constantly growing so you will have all three colors on one plant. Grows to 30" tall. Zone 5-9

Star Topped Sedge (Dichromena colorata) is a plant from the sedge family native to the southern US. It grows to 24" tall and has green grassy leaves topped with white star shaped flowers. Zone 7-11

Giant Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aetheopica) Grows to 36" tall and has green, lush heart shaped leaves with large spiral white flowers. Semi-evergreen. Zone 7-10