Tall Vertical Marginal Plants

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Tall Vertical Marginal Plants Grow in shallow water and mature between 40" and 84" tall. Some have attractive flowers while others are grown for their foliage.

Miniature Egyptian Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) is the Papyrus of the Nile river. It grows to 60" tall but gives the same look and structure as the original. Zone 8-11

Golden Common Reed (Phragmites australis variegata) is an upright aquatic grass reaching 60" tall. It has foliage that is variegated green and yellow. Zone 6-11

Ra Longwood Canna (Canna glauca 'Ra') is a Canna hybrid developed at Longwood Gardens. Ra has upright blue-green foliage with bright yellow flowers. Grows to 60" tall. Zone 7-11

Erebus Longwood Canna (Canna glauca 'Erebus') is another Canna developed at Longwood Gardens. Erebus has silver-green foliage and pure pink flowers. Grows to 48" tall. Zone 7-11

Endeavor Longwood Canna (Canna glauca 'Endeavor') is a Longwood Gardens hybrid with blue-green leaves and dark red flowers. Grows to 48" tall. Zone 7-11

Narrow Leaf Cattail (Typha angustifolia) has a pleasing upright growth habit to 60" tall. Its foliage is 1/2" wide and is topped with 3/4" x 6" catkins in late summer. Zone 4-10

Powdery Thalia (Thalia dealbata) is a tropical lookig plant with grey-green leaves on tall stems. It produces taller spikes adorned with deep purple flowers all summer. Zone 6-11

Variegated Cattail (Typha latifolia variegata) is the green and white variegated form of the standard Cattail. Grows to 72" tall. Zone 6-10

White Rush (Scirpus albescens) has round foliage that is nearly all white. With its mature height of 72" and its ghostly white foliage, this plant makes a statement. Zone 6-10

Zebra Rush (Scirpus tabernaemontani zebrinus) is a stunning plant to see. It grows to 72" tall and its cylindrical stems are banded in alternating white and blue-green. Zone 6-10